Terms and Conditions

All Reservation require a 25% deposit at time of booking. The balance is due 45 days prior to arrival.

7 days prior to arrival we will send you an email with driving directions, property instructions, access code, etc., for your vacation rental.

Cancellation Policy:
If reservation is cancelled, any monies are refunded only if the property is re-rented for the time period originally booked, minus processing, administration, and/or other fees, with a minimum $100.00 cancellation fee. We strongly suggest travel insurance.

Expenses and items not mentioned, including, but not limited to: transportation, tips for personal services, meals, insurance, long distance telephone calls and other items of a personal nature are not included.

THE RENTER assumes full responsibility for fulfilling the terms of the rental for the period stated.

The maximum number of guests using the rental premises shall not exceed the total number stated in the rental agreement. THE RENTER and THE OWNER acknowledge and agree that 3KlicksAway (THE AGENT) is accommodating them in assisting with this Rental Agreement without any representations or warranties by the Agent. Use of the property is entirely at THE RENTER’S risk. THE RENTER and THE OWNER shall indemnify and save harmless THE AGENT against and from any and all expenses, costs, damages, suits, actions, liabilities arising from any and all loss of or damage to personal property, injury, or death resulting from the use of the rental property or from any claims stating that the property is not suitable for the purposes intended.

It is agreed that the Premises shall be used for residential purposes only and should not be used for any other purpose whatsoever.
Tenant in his possession, use and occupancy of the Premises agrees to observe and comply with all restrictions, laws and ordinances affecting the Premises or occupancy thereof.

Tenant further agrees that no use shall be made of the Premises, or acts done which will increase the existing rate of insurance upon the Premises, or will cause a cancelation of any insurance policy covering the Premises.
Smoking is not permitted in any residence. A $250 fee may be charged for ionization, if smoking in the property is detected. Unless stated otherwise, no pets are allowed in any residence.

Many properties do not allow Guests to bring their pets, but being a "non-pet friendly" property doesn't ensure that no pets have ever been inside the property. If pet allergies are a concern always check before booking a vacation rental.